The Vaporizer Company Called Vapir

We have stumbled upon this awesome new company called Vapir. They are a vaporizer company and they make several awesome models of vaporizers such as the Prima and the Rise 2.0. There are is a great Vapir Prima review as well as a Vapir Rise 2.0 review over at Other than that they have also made 2 unreal videos that serve as unboxing style reviews.

Check out these two awesome videos we have found that are short unboxing style review videos for your enjoyment!

The Vapir Rise 2.0 Review Video

The Vapir Prima Review Video

These vaporizers both look really awesome, and the quality from this company is usually really great. The quality of the vaporizer review site we listed is also very good. They are called iMarijuanit and there website is very similar to High Times. They are very pro legalization so they have many awesome vaporizer reviews as well as articles about marijuana. They have another great review of another favorite of mine, which is the Plenty by Storz and Bickel. They have a great plenty vaporizer review for you to check out that I highly recommend. It was actually that review that made me buy the vape in the first place.

I totally recommend iMarijuanit as they are owned and operated in the same city that I live in. I know the owner on a first name basis because we actually used to smoke joints in high school together from time to time! So you can really trust his opinion, he is a very reputable guy. He never shorted me when I used to buy marijuana off of him or anything like that.

So anyways guys it was nice writing this for you. I hope you enjoyed both of the videos and be sure to go and like them!

If your interested in checking out vaporizer reviews, go to the Vape Guru. They have a great Atmos Transporter review! This is one of the best vape review sites online, we highly recommend.

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