The Alabaster’s Vaporizer Recommendations

2016 is a big year for vaporizer fanatics, there are many new exciting models that have just recently came out! First there was the miniVap, which came our late last year! It is perhaps the most expensive vape that is currently on the market with a retail price of 800$! Worth every penny in my opinion if your a serious medical patient, as precise vapor temperature control is often an issue with cheap vaporizers. The reality is that to make a high quality vaporizer a company has to invest as least a few hundred dollars to produce the high quality atomizers and heating chambers.

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If your looking for a discreet portable vaporizer, you should maybe take a look at the Cloud V Diamond portable vaporizer! It has a very similar style to the PAX vaporizer but it is only around 149.99USD retail which is pretty cheap considering it’s quality. You can find a really good Cloud V Diamond review video here!

There are no words to describe the quality and value that come with the two mentioned vaporizers in this article. They are the best I have tried all year and the best when it comes to the quality of the build. You can really tell both Cloud V and Hermes Medical invested lots of money into perfecting these vaporizers for customers!

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There is also another great vaporizer on the market that is called the Arizer Air. Or if you would rather check out our Arizer Solo review.

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