A Bong Made Almost Completely of Ice

This Eyce Mold Ice Bong is a reusable smoking device that many stoners are using! This new device was made by a company called Eyce, and it is a revolutionizing the way we smoke bongs. Typically bongs are made out of materials such as glass or acrylic. This new tool is a mold that allows the user to make bongs made almost entirely out of ice.

This is what the Eyce Bong looks like. If you want to find an Eyce bong review check out iMarijuanit!

This new bong is revolutionizing the way stoners are using water pipes. Now instead of having to buy a new smoking device when you smash your glass bong, you can just mold a new one since your bong is made out of ice! No big deal!

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The Alabaster’s Vaporizer Recommendations

2016 is a big year for vaporizer fanatics, there are many new exciting models that have just recently came out! First there was the miniVap, which came our late last year! It is perhaps the most expensive vape that is currently on the market with a retail price of 800$! Worth every penny in my opinion if your a serious medical patient, as precise vapor temperature control is often an issue with cheap vaporizers. The reality is that to make a high quality vaporizer a company has to invest as least a few hundred dollars to produce the high quality atomizers and heating chambers.

First of all you should check out our video on the best marijuana vaporizer!

Check out a video of the minivap here!

If your looking for a discreet portable vaporizer, you should maybe take a look at the Cloud V Diamond portable vaporizer! It has a very similar style to the PAX vaporizer but it is only around 149.99USD retail which is pretty cheap considering it’s quality. You can find a really good Cloud V Diamond review video here!

There are no words to describe the quality and value that come with the two mentioned vaporizers in this article. They are the best I have tried all year and the best when it comes to the quality of the build. You can really tell both Cloud V and Hermes Medical invested lots of money into perfecting these vaporizers for customers!

Check out our review on the Vapor Brothers VB11 vaporizer pen

There is also another great vaporizer on the market that is called the Arizer Air. Or if you would rather check out our Arizer Solo review.

Source ORB XL Vape Pen

What is a vape pen?

Like the name suggests, a vape “pen” is a vaporizer that is shaped like a pen. They are typically pretty small in order to be portable and are meant to be used on the go. A great example of a high quality vaporizer pen is the Source Orb XL made by Source Vapes.

The Source Orb XL is a new pen that Source Vapes has just released. I myself am a huge fan of this vaporizer personally as I feel the vape quality is superb compared to other pens on the market. I myself find vape pens tend to be made very cheap but this one made by Source Vapes seems to be of very high quality materials. It provides the user with a very enjoyable vaping experience!

Review of the Plenty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel

A month ago if you were to ask me, “Tony, is the Plenty by Storz & Bickel worth buying?”. I would of said no. That was before I owned the vaporizer for myself and found out what an amazing product this is. This vaporizer is an amazing handheld vape.

What is a “handheld vaporizer”

The term “handheld vaporizer” is not said very often in the vaporizer community. This is because there are very few vapes that fall under this category. The Plenty is unique in the sense that it is new to the market and there aren’t any products that look or function similarly to it. The vaporizer is similar to a portable except that it has a cord attachment so it is more of a desktop than anything. The cord is very long so it can be passed around similar to a joint. This vape is great for sharing with your stoner friends!

If you are looking for a full plenty review, than check out the one that High Tech Testers did! The review is in-depth and it explains all the pros and cons of the Plenty by Storz and Bickel.

They really break it down for you to show you if you should spend your money on this handheld vaporizer.

This vaporizer review video is made by the Vaporizer Freak. I have no affiliation with him, I just enjoyed the little review video he put together! It seems to be a pretty credible review as he is very well known vaporizer reviewer! He makes the most unbiased vaporizer reviews online, at least from what we have seen!

The Vaporizer Company Called Vapir

We have stumbled upon this awesome new company called Vapir. They are a vaporizer company and they make several awesome models of vaporizers such as the Prima and the Rise 2.0. There are is a great Vapir Prima review as well as a Vapir Rise 2.0 review over at iMarijuanit.com. Other than that they have also made 2 unreal videos that serve as unboxing style reviews.

Check out these two awesome videos we have found that are short unboxing style review videos for your enjoyment!

The Vapir Rise 2.0 Review Video

The Vapir Prima Review Video

These vaporizers both look really awesome, and the quality from this company is usually really great. The quality of the vaporizer review site we listed is also very good. They are called iMarijuanit and there website is very similar to High Times. They are very pro legalization so they have many awesome vaporizer reviews as well as articles about marijuana. They have another great review of another favorite of mine, which is the Plenty by Storz and Bickel. They have a great plenty vaporizer review for you to check out that I highly recommend. It was actually that review that made me buy the vape in the first place.

I totally recommend iMarijuanit as they are owned and operated in the same city that I live in. I know the owner on a first name basis because we actually used to smoke joints in high school together from time to time! So you can really trust his opinion, he is a very reputable guy. He never shorted me when I used to buy marijuana off of him or anything like that.

So anyways guys it was nice writing this for you. I hope you enjoyed both of the videos and be sure to go and like them!

If your interested in checking out vaporizer reviews, go to the Vape Guru. They have a great Atmos Transporter review! This is one of the best vape review sites online, we highly recommend.

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“What comes around is all around” – Ricky, Sunnyvale Trailer Park Supervisor

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